Plasma Gun F4 thermal spray gun for plasma operatio

The Plasma Gun F4 is a robust, well-proven and universal plasma gun to produce high quality plasma coatings up to 55 kW. The F4 nozzles are thoriated tungsten lined resulting in extended nozzle life times. The nozzle design forms a uniform and stable plasma and with the different powder injection possibilities results in high deposition efficiencies and minimal overspray. The F4 gun is available in different configurations:

F4-MB:    Machine mounted in 180° (‘straight on”) configuration
F4-VB:     Machine mounted in 180° configuration for VPS applications
F4-HBS:  Machine mounted in 90° configuration
F4-HB:    Hand held versionF4 Plasma Guns

Gun cooling jets and a wide variety of powder injectors and injector holders are available.

Specifications F4 plasma gun

  • Plasma Gases:                    Ar/H2, Ar/N2,  Ar/He
  • Maximum Power                  55 kW
  • Standard Nozzle                  6 mm
  • Water Pressure (min / rec. / max) 10/ 12 /15 bar
  • Water Flow                          15 ltr./Min
  • Weight (without gun cables)  2’900g
Disassembling F4 Assembling F4

The AMT plasma spray guns are delivered in a rigid gun box with a full set of gun maintenance tooling. All guns are designed in accordanc to the latest European CE regulations.

Special gun accessories are available from AMT stock to either adapt your plasma spray gun to the special needs of your application or for special gun set ups. Gun specific tooling is also available:

  • F4 centering tool
  • F4 injector gauge set
  • Various powder injector assemblies
  • Misc. air jet assembly designs

Wear Parts, Spare Parts and Consumables

AMT delivers a wide range of wear, spare and consumable parts
for nearly all commercial plasma spray guns from stock. Please
ask for a quotation.